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Welcome to Flexhandryer.com. Here we will explain how and why we know our hand dryers are classified as the best hand dryer in the world.
Although we have designed and produced hand dryers for various leading companies such as World Dryer: The Nova hand dryer Series, and the Blast hand dryer (Comac Corporation) we felt it was time to use our knowledge and experience of this technology to create our own ‘super dryer’ and came up with ‘Flex’. For many years most of the hand dryer manufacturer followed the foot step of the Xlerator hand dryer thinking that force and speed is the answer to drying hands faster. However, Flex patented process proved there is better way to dry hands not only force of xlelator hand dryer or smartness of smart dry or airforce hand dryer.
Thanks to our years of experience working in this niche field, Flex is the most efficient hand dryer on the market. Flex was unveiled this year at the ISSA Interclean show in Orlando where it was met with enthusiasm from customers and competitors alike.
The Flex hand dryer is like no other because it not only leads the market in terms of performance, it surpasses the expectations of efficient energy use, using less energy than every other leading manufacturer for a better result. This due to the patented feature of the flex hand dryer. No other hand dryer technology can match the Flex.
Consumers and businesses are more conscious than ever about the effect of our ever day actions on the environment. This is one of the reasons why we wanted to make our hand dryer energy efficient. Too much heat and too little air output, or too much air output and too little heat are common problems that hand dryer manufacturers seemed not to be resolving. We didn’t want to waste any wattage at all, that is why every single part of the Flex has been precision planned to dry hands in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Flex may use significantly less wattage than other manufacturers it is able to dry your hands faster due to the combination of factors we have taken into consideration.
Although it is what’s on the inside that really counts, the Flex is not only efficient, it looks great too. Ugly, rusty white boxes have no place in the bathrooms of restaurants today. We wanted to make the Flex look as good as it performs. The Flex is clean, sleek, smart and eye catching. It looks more like a piece of an expensive car than a hand dryer.